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Grossman At A Glance
Grossman is one of the region's largest ferrous scrap processors and re-sellers.

We have been working with many of the same customers since before World War II. How have we been able to build these long-term relationships? We think it's because while we have the resources of a large company, we maintain the "customer-first" philosophy of a small family-owned business. And that will never change.

Our Culture and Approach to Doing Business

This statement from Chairman Emeritus Sidney Grossman summarizes our culture and approach to doing business:

"Grossman Iron & Steel strives to be the best and most innovative scrap processing company as measured by customer satisfaction, market share, industry leadership, and financial strength. We will maintain the same strict adherence to uncompromising customer service and quality control that has been the cornerstone of our success. In all of our business activities, employee relations, and community involvement, we will conduct ourselves according to the highest standards of integrity."