Time Is Money
How much time does this take? You can pull your pickup or trailer load of scrap onto our Missouri-certified scale and in about 30 minutes drive away with a check in your pocket.

We understand that "time is money" for our customers. Here's how Grossman moves you in and out in under 30 minutes:

A friendly Grossman staff member will guide you through every step.

Note: Only trucks and trailers (not automobiles) may unload at our facility.

After weighing your load, we direct you to an Inspection Station.
An experienced Scrap Inspector examines and grades your load at the Inspection Station. The Inspector provides a buying inspection ticket and directs you to a safe, clean, and paved unloading area.
A Processing Supervisor at the unloading area takes your ticket and begins the unloading process. Once your truck is empty, the Processing Supervisor fills in the inspection information and hands you the ticket.
You return to the scale to weigh your empty truck.
You bring your scrap ticket to the cashier's window and we issue you a check.
Time Is Money
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