Innovative Solutions
Grossman customizes our services to provide innovative solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Here are four recent examples.

Many demolition jobs have tight timelines for the demolition and removal of scrap to meet construction or manufacturing schedules.

For one recent project at a large manufacturing plant, Grossman was responsible for all scrap removal transportation logistics, including rail and trucking coordination. Because the demolition work had to be finished in just four days, the project required us to provide 24-hour-a-day service.

By working around the clock, Grossman was able to meet the customer's requirements -- enabling the company to begin its new manufacturing line construction on schedule.

One of Grossman's industrial fabricating customers asked us to evaluate ways to improve its scrap handling efficiencies and safety.

By designing a modification to our on-site containers, we enabled the company to reduce both its handling time and the corresponding job hazard risks.

Grossman designed modifications to our trailers to prevent machining fluids from leaking onto one customer's property.

The fluid is contained during transportation to our facility, where it is drained into controlled vessels and processed in our evaporator. Any remaining material is properly disposed of using certified waste disposal contractors.

One of Grossman's manufacturing customers asked us to handle an extensive obsolete inventory clean up at its facility. The material had been stored outdoors and scattered throughout the site. We arranged for and supervised the material-handling equipment operation along with the loading and transportation services.

The project was so successful that the customer asked Grossman to increase the scope of work and volume of inventory scrapped.

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