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To ensure that Grossman processes scrap in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner, we don't accept scrap loads containing free-flowing liquids, waste of any kind (including hazardous), trash or debris, radioactive materials, or non-metallic items without prior approval.

We enforce this policy through careful inspections of all incoming scrap loads. Our radiation detectors prevent radioactive materials from entering our facility.

While we're always glad to advise our customers on proper methods of disposal, we ask that your scrap loads don't contain any of the listed items.

We appreciate your business and your efforts to help us recycle safely and responsibly. If you have any questions about your materials, please call our office at 314.231.9423 before you bring a load to our plant.
Materials containing:
  • PCBs (ballasts or capacitors)
  • Refrigerants
  • Asbestos
  • Mercury (thermostats, mercury switches, etc.)
Acetylene tanks
Containers with free-flowing liquids inside or outside (tar, oil, gasoline, paint, propane, water, etc.)
Light fixtures with ballast, neon signs, or fluorescent lightbulbs
Radioactive material
Brown goods (TVs, radios, computers, microwave ovens, and telephone components)
Closed containers of any kind.
Explosive materials
Brass ammunition or spent rounds
Plastic gas or oil containers
Dirt, woot, plastic or other debris
Beer kegs
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The following can be included in shredder feed if properly prepared:
Closed compressed gas cylinders, propane or oxygen tanks or bottles Compressed gas cylinders, propane or oxygen tanks or bottles with the valve removed and the tank or bottle cut in half.
Freon bottles or tanks Freon bottles or tanks that have been properly evacuated, the valve has been removed and a hole has been poked in the bottom.
Unprocessed barrels, drums, pails and buckets Barrels, drums, pails and buckets certified triple rinsed, dried and the lid is removed.
Sealed units Sealed units that have been properly evacuated.

Scrap Automobile Preparation

  1. Vehicle must have a title that matches the VID number or be brought in by a licensed salvage dealer.
  2. Battery removed.
  3. Fluids drained:
    • engine oil,
    • transmission oil,
    • anti-freeze/radiator fluid,
    • power steering and power brake fluids.
  4. Air conditioner must be properly evacuated (CFC/HFC)
  5. Gas tanks must be removed from vehicles.
  6. Maximum four tires mounted per vehicle.
  7. Truck tires by permission only.
  8. Mercury switches removed: hood, trunk and ABS
  9. No unshreddables inside vehicles.
  10. No wood, trash, dirt, rock etc. inside the vehicle.
  11. Vehicle can not be driven or pushed into our facility.